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The Dreamcast Emulation Zone is in NO way affiliated with SEGA Enterprises. The SEGA logo, SEGA Dreamcast name, SEGA Swirl, and all other references to SEGA are copyrighted by SEGA Enterprises. All emulators produced by Ken are ports of official emulators, which belong to their respective "owners". We here at the DC Emulation Zone mean no harm towards SEGA Enterprises, as we feel we don't pose any threat to their sales. On top of that, we would like to thank them for producing such a system in which we may use as a new medium for emulation. Also, comments on our message boards do not always reflect the personal opinions of the Dreamcast Emulation Zone, Takayama Fumihiko, or Dave Arnold. Information obtained there may not be reliable info, so all questions that require official answers should be directed to me (Dave Arnold) or the programmer (Ken Friece).

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