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About Us:

- Ken Friece - Programmer
The founder of NesterDC... no longer a programmer for this project.

- Takayama Fumihiko - Programmer
no information provided as of yet...

- Dave Arnold - Website Manger
I'm the website manager (and I make pizzas, too) of the Dreamcast Emulation Zone. I've been into emulation for a LONG time, and have headed up some of the better known (yet old school) rom sites. For those of you who've been on the emu scene for over 5 years, you may remember "Dragon Roms", "Phoenix Roms", and "Dark Icon's Rom Page". I was the head of all of those. I hope to contribute a lot to this site, and I've focused all my efforts on helping Ken out. As always, drop me a line for any input on the site!

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