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Welcome to the *ALL NEW* Dreamcast Emulation Zone!
- The site is designed for MSIE 6.0+ and at LEAST 800x600 resolution (higher is better)- To access the home page at any time, click the banner at the top left!

NesterDC: Main Window Current Version Available:
NesterDC v3.0
VMU Saving (w/DOS 8.3 filenames) | New GUI | Near 100% Sound | More features/options | For more, see README file

Latest News:

   Well, here's the new site! Hope you all like it. Just want to say a few quick things:

  1. A sad farewell to Ken Friece... thanks for all your hard work, and good luck in whatever you do!
  2. Welcome to Takayama Fumihiko, the NEW programmer for NesterDC! We can expect great things from him!
  3. We have a new message board, so check it out! (You'll need to register your names again, though)
Anyway, we can expect a version 4.0 release any day now, so stick around!

- Dave -

   Big changes as of late here... Takayama Fumihiko (programmer for the now-famous Unofficial NesterDC) is officially joining up with us here to help work on a version 4.0 release! Also, I'm sure you've noticed the new look... it's a work in progress, but I hope you like it. Also, check out the new message board (you'll need to make new names, it's on a different server, but NO POP-UPS!). Thanks to and for the board and hosting services!

- Dave -

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